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Lorraine Blum L.C.S.W, MS.C, NBCCH, RM, TFT DX, Reiki Master psychotherapy

Educational Seminars

Energy Psychology for rapid lasting results!

Educational seminars are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Refreshments always served.
Many times there are more then enough seats for everyone interested.   However, it is wise, if interested in a certain class, to register as early as possible, as classes could fill up.  Feel free to bring your service friends, as we do ESA Emotional Service Animal Evaluations as well and understand  your need.

I love to write, as you may have noticed from my blogs and articles.  I am a proud Author of "Make Miracles & Millions Now", "Power Words & Affirmations," "Jolly's Sacred Songs," "The Magic Experience, Positive Approach to Cooking," "Outer Room," "Cookie Came Home,” (See books preview video bottom of page)  I give seminars on topics related to my books, topics such as 'Communication & Healing, an Art'  'Self Talk Hypnosis & Spiritual Counseling'  'Self Hypnosis Techniques.' 'Exploring the Unknown', Akashic Records, ARE, Therapeutic Realities & Perception. Remote Viewing,

The refund policy here is a liberal one, in which you are credited the full amount of purchase toward a future class, in the event you may have to cancel, no questions asked. 

If you would like to be a volunteer and arrange a workshop in your area or town and have at least twelve or more students interested, Free to you of course,  call 561-866-9041.  Some classes come with certification.

"Make Miracles & Millions Now."  Workshop  Saturday,  May 4, 2020   12 noon- 4 pm  in Delray Beach   Call for additional information.  561-866-9041  This is a Wealth/Health Consciousness workshop covering the how to's  of manifesting our miracles.  Bringing into our reality who we really are.

Discounted price of only $85,  Refreshments will be served, as well as, a free copy of the book.  for additional info please call. 561-866-9041

Our brain is amazing and we only use a fraction of its incredible ability.

Our brain is amazing and we only use a fraction of its incredible ability.


 Here is a quick look at books by Lorraine Blum, my attempt at Apple Clips.

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We do have a sliding scale fee for those that qualify