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Lorraine Blum L.C.S.W, MS.C, NBCCH, RM, TFT DX, Reiki Master psychotherapy

Educational Seminars

Energy Psychology for rapid lasting results!

Educational seminars are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Refreshments always served.
Many times there are more then enough seats for everyone interested.   However, it is wise, if interested in a certain class, to register as early as possible, as classes could fill up.

Rev.Lorraine Blum, Author of "Make Miracles & Millions Now", "Power Words & Affirmations," "Jolly's Sacred Songs," "The Magic Experience, Positive Approach to Cooking," "Outer Room," "Cookie Came Home,” gives seminars on topics related to her books as well as topics such as 'Communication & Healing, an Art'  'Self Talk Hypnosis & Spiritual Counseling'  'Self Hypnosis Techniques.' 'Exploring the Unknown', Akashic Records, ARE, Therapeutic Realities & Perception. Evaluations for ESA emotional support animals.

The refund policy here is a liberal one, in which you are credited the full amount of purchase toward a future class, in the event you may have to cancel, no questions asked. 

If you would like to be a volunteer and arrange a workshop in your area or town and have at least twelve or more students interested, Free to you of course,  call 561-866-9041.  Some classes come with certification.

"Make Miracles & Millions Now."  Workshop  Saturday,  May 4, 2019   12 noon- 4 pm  in Delray Beach   Call for additional information.  561-866-9041  This is a Wealth/Health Consciousness workshop covering how one can create the miracles in their life they long to manifest into reality.

Discounted price of only $145,  Refreshments will be served, as well as, a free copy of the book.  for additional info please call. 561-866-9041

Our brain is amazing and we only use a fraction of its incredible ability.  Learn Remote viewing and

Our brain is amazing and we only use a fraction of its incredible ability. Learn Remote viewing and

Your only Limitation is your imagination!

Drop us a line or text me- 561-866-9041!

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