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Lorraine Blum L.C.S.W, MS.C, NBCCH, RM, TFT DX, Reiki Master psychotherapy

Lorraine Blum L.C.S.W, MS.C, NBCCH, RM, TFT DX, Reiki Master psychotherapy


Traditional & Alternative Psychotherapy & Counseling

Lorraine Blum LCSW, Msc, NBCCH, EFT, TFT dx, Reiki Master

 If you are anxious, depressed, not sleeping, in physical or emotional pain, feel the need for an ESA, emotional support animal, call me, lets discuss it.  
Try not to do it alone.  Come in. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,Diplomat in National Association of Social Worker's, Board Certified Fellow on the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Minister of Spiritual Counseling, Certified Thought Field Therapist and Reiki Master

All we do is discuss you, your life and goals.
Let me help you now.

Though psychotherapy is thought to be, and often times is, the best tool in the toolbox, and the one used by most of us in the field, often, there are other alternatives. Everyone is an individual what works for one person may not be suitable for another.  Therefore we offer Traditional as well as Alternative Modalities such as Psychotherapy, Reiki, EFT, Christian & Spiritual Counseling, and Hypnosis.

These, almost miraculous, techniques are other posiibilities to consider. For some, the outcomes of these alternative treatment methods could be even more successful.  Sometimes only one or two sessions are needed.  For others Counseling alone is enough.

Important Human Instructions

“God created man in his own image and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”  Genesis 6th day.

The body you were given is sacred. it is gift from God. When you put poisons near, around ,or into your body

it is similar to slapping or laughing in the face of God  It is similar to saying His gifts mean nothing.

You need to be responsible for these gifts and show respect ,not only to your own sacred being, but respectful to God,. He is the creator that gave you all you have and it is a great deal. Be thankful, very thankful, praise Him often and show Him you appreciate everything He gave you by taking incredible care of His sacred gifts. Consult with doctors and experts ,but generally speaking;

Eat right. Mostly raw fruits and vegetables, nuts whole grains, 

(not white rice and white bread , too much sugar too much salt , grease and other terrible things, they do not belong in your body. You have no right to destroy what God has ordained.

Do not be around or put smoke into your otherwise clean , generously given lungs. That is an abomination.

Wash your hands often, especially in these days and drink a great deal of alkaline water, no soda at all, no red bull, (disgusting. ) The alternative drinks to tjose are Neuro Bliss & Sleep, if you find them in Publix.

Learn about vitamins, minerals, essential oils that you personally need. Be in bed by 11 pm as much as possible. get at least 6 hours sleep. exercise at least 3 times a week, stretch and walk.  

This is your being, your body you need to determine the instructions it needs and the ingredients and not poison it, but take care of it.

Rev. Lorraine Blum LCSW, Msc, NBCCH, RM, TFTdx, EFT

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Psychotherapy is a course in self exploration.  Our minds do not come with instructions, psychotherapy is just that, the insight and the instructions. This clears the way for our journey through life.  
Traditionally trained I felt I needed more.
After completion of my theology coursework and graduating I enrolled in a new program they offered called
"Physician of the Soul"   
As part of that curriculum I was asked to study and become certified in one of the energy modalities, or healing techniques.  I later became Certified as a Minister of Spiritual Counseling and Reiki Master. Reiki which, like Acupuncture, is now accepted in most hospitals.

Here you have a choice. Traditional or alternative or both.

For an appointment or free phone consultation call 561-866-9041

My office hours are Monday through Friday 
8am until 7pm with Weeekends often available..

By appointment only.

I offer a sliding fee scale for  those that qualitfy.

Our thoughts play an enormous role in our lives.
Perception is everything!

One of the more popular Energy Modalities is EFT.

(EFT falls under the umbrella of Energy Psychology, like Reiki, a psychotherapeutic approach that integrates established clinical practices with somatic methods derived from the various healing traditions of Eastern cultures. A recent randomized controlled study (soon to be published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease has shown EFT to lower cortisol-related stress levels and self-reported psychological symptoms after a single session,) especially with phobia and PTSD.
BodyTalk, another modality has had remarkable results 

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